Monday, August 11, 2008

Los Solos Series

The LOS SOLOS Series is an innovative monthly series of solo performances by groundbreaking female artists. The series presents the solo performance work of female dancers, musicians, writers, filmmakers, conceptual artists, theatrical performers, performance artists, and curators.

Each night of the series, which runs from September 2008 - March 2009 on the first Friday of the month, features the work of one local Baltimore and one national artist.

The Carriage House is a beautifully renovated carriage house located in lower Charles Village. The venue, owned and operated by local musician Dan Carney, provides a unique setting for these unique performances.

In the city known for it’s collaborative zeitgeist, the LOS SOLOS Series hopes to in addition recognize the strength of it’s solo performers.

The series is curated by visual artist Jackie Milad and musician/writer Bonnie Jones.

The first performance, on September 5th will feature local musician Melissa Moore, and Fursaxa, formerly a member of the Siltbreeze band UN.

For more information on the upcoming shows and participating artists, visit the Los Solos website.