Sunday, August 24, 2008

Photos from the opening of Vision Quest and Truth @ School 33

Christine Tillman's "Hybrid Logs" in front of her "Banners"
Vision Quest, the current exhibition at School 33, is a stunning presentation of the mental and spiritual landscapes explored by the included artists. Curated by Jason Hughes, Vision Quest is a seamless, visual journey through each artist’s unique style and subject matter, each one adding to the mystical quality of the show.
Christine Tillman's ceramic antlers

"Buff Titan"Cara Ober has a smaller camera than me....but it is not the size that matters

Patric O'Malley's "Embryo-O's World" and "O's World (drawing)"
Christine Tillman's "Hybrid Logs"
Sarah Gamble's "Compound"

Robert Tillman in front of Patrick O'Malley's sketchbook drawings
Walter looking at James Johnson;s installation
Andy Cook in front of Patrick O'Malley's "O's World"
This kid (Michael) did not want to be on the blog.

Mike and John Bohl

Jordan Faye Block

Sarah Gamble's untiled works on paper
Christine Tillman's "Hybrids"

"Totem of Ancient Wisdom," "Crystalline Dream," and untitled drawing

James Johnson;s installation

Exhibiting artists Sarah Gamble and Christine Tillman

 "The Cthulu Series"

Kyle Van Horn and John Bohl in front of Sarah Gamble's paintings

detail from James Johnson's installation

Also don't miss Meghan Harrison's solo show, "Truth," on the second floor:

Vision Quest will be up through October 4th, and Truth closes on September 6th, don't miss them! For more information on the participating artists, visit the school 33 website.