Saturday, August 23, 2008

Photos from the Opening of Netmares/Netdreams

Mark Brown setting up music

Netmares/Netdreams, a show of computer/internet themed artwork instigated by Mark Brown and Kari Altmann, opened last night at the Current Gallery. The pieces included in the exhibition had an appropriately surreal quality, while pinned neatly into the limitations of computer programs and lcd screens.

Kari Altmann speaking about the exhibition

Yannick Antoine's "Daydreaming"
Walter's netdreams-appropriate tee shirt

Kari Altmann's "Dreamcaptchas"

untitled pieces by Laura Brothers

Petra Cortright's "Nik's Email"

Mark Brown's "Requiem for a Bogus Journey"

Pascual Sisto's "Last Breath in Alaska"

Kevin Bewersdorf's "Iceberg Marquee" and Mark Brown's untitled piece

Andy Cook, admiring Martijn Hendricks' untitled image

Jason Urick and his unintentionally blurry friend

gallery goers in front of James Whipple's "The Waste Land"

Kari Altmann's untitled video piece

Nathan Hauenstein's video piece
The show is up through September 19th, and is opened to the public from 11-3 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Be sure to get down to Current give yourself some netmares/netdreams before it closes.