Saturday, April 26, 2008

Loft Party @ Lofts 11

The View!!

Lofts 11, a relatively new luxury loft complex in downtown D.C. has partnered up with regional artists to bring a crowd to their lavish model apartment. For one night, artists get to play host to a fabulous crowd, and have all their friends over to a dream apartment with a killer view, furnished with modern designs and contemporary artwork....all of which would normally be out of budget. The whole arrangement makes for a great evening, friends, semi-casual setting, art, food, dreams of a a job that might support this doesn't get much better.

Bridget Sue Lambert

Bonner and Adam (who has a squirrel gymnasium in his home, courtesy of the previous owner)

Anita Walsh

Steven Frost

Nathan Manuel

Annie Peters' piece in the lobby

Nathan Manuel's photographs

Steven Frost

Steven Frost's piece in the lobby

Detail from one of Steven Frost's large embroidered piece