Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Theater/Venue Alert: The Strand

While attending the menzshow opening at Flux studios, we had the happy accident of catching members of the new Strand Theater company admiring their new facade directly next door. We talked to these guys:

for a bit and found out that they had just put up the sign today, because they are set to open tomorrow with an Open House Event TOMORROW (Sunday) evening:

The event is completely free!

Open House Program Schedule

4-4:20pmKing Cloud (Band)

4:20-4:40pm - BIG Improv

Mister Licorice is part of the Baltimore Improv Group and is a long-form improv troop. Mister Licorice uses suggestions from the audience to open with monologues and then create scenes. Some of those scenes may tie in with the monologues and others will just be inspired!

4:40-5pm - BIG Improv Workshop - Fundamentals

5-5:20pm - Baby Aspirin (Band) – Indie, Blues, Rock

5:20-5:40pm - Love the Poet

Michelle A. Nelson, spoken word poetry

5:40-6pm - Rich Espey Playwrighting Workshop

6-6:20pm - Baby Aspirin (Band)

6:20-6:40pm - Ian Belknap Acting Workshop

6:40-7pm - Single Carrot Performance

Single Carrot theatre presents a brand new, high-energy sketch comedy show. Navigating through communication breakdowns, innuendos, and societal misinterpretations, this comedy-cocktail hits you in a series of short, hilarious bursts.

1823 North Charles Street, next to FLUX Studios.

From their website: Our mission is to create innovative theatre for the purpose of securing a new generation of theatre go-ers. As well as putting an emphasis on works that highlight the feminine perspective.

Check out their website here.