Sunday, April 13, 2008

An Indian Experience at the H&H Building

Baltimore-based-India-explorers, Jessie Unterhalter and Emily C-D, unveiled their long-anticipated exhibition with an India themed party including a chai bar and a dj laying down Indian beats. They also went as far as to project a favorite Bollywood movie as guests perused their artwork, which included photographs, collages, and installations.
In keeping with their theme and title, much of the paper work was hung on clothes lines.

Annie and ARTIST EXTRAORDINAIRE, Jessie Unterhalter

I think that is Kim Bost, but if it is I am really sad because I missed her....KIM, if perchance you see this, EMAIL ME (ALEX EBSTEIN) at the ten tigers email!

Emily Slaughter

By the end of the evening, all formality was dropped and dance party ensued:



Check it out, by appointment until MAY 11 by emailing Emily C-D at

Photos by Sara Seidman
Written with help from Sara Seidman, who is fabulous.