Sunday, April 6, 2008


Saturday's stage featured Adrienne Anemone, Lauren Bender, Jai Brooks, Katastrophe, Ric Royer and Adam Robinson, DYNASTY HANDBAG (Amy Sedaris meets Peaches), and Blevin Blectum and Kevin Blechdom.

In appearance order:

Lauren Bender interacts with a video of herself in an oreo-eating extravaganza

Baltimore-based Jai Brooks slammed slam poets

A self-proclaimed SNAG (sensitive new-age guy), Katastrophe from San Francisco

Ric Royer and Adam Robinson preform their hilarious "time machine" skit... and I don't throw around the word "hilarious" too much.

Dynasty Handbag doing....what she does.

After a flattering write-up in NY Arts magazine, Dynasty Handbag has solidified her spastic, exhilarated, (often abrasive) act as performance art genius. She told embittered, humorous tales of break-ups and being initiated into fictitious girl-gangs, and spoke and sang over pre-recorded monologues while jerkily contorting her body. It is impossible to take your eyes off her.
She fit in seamlessly among the transmodern performers and will hopefully be convinced to return next year.