Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Aqua Hotel Opening 2008; Miami, FL

Michael Dee's glass sculpture and Michael Reafsnyder's painting in Western Projects' booth

Aqua Hotel, the South Beach branch of the Aqua fair, delivered the goods. With exciting exhibitors like Cinders Gallery, New Image Art and White Walls (to name a few), the fair presented a collection of young talents and had a shamelessly trendy aesthetic. Highlights include: William Powhida, Brian Chippendale, Paul Wackers and a seemingly endless supply of Campari.

Terry Hoff

Seth loves art and Campari

Billy Sullivan's portrait of Aggy Deyn (megababe)

Richard Coleman's new pieces with White Walls....influenced by Dalek maybe?

Julie Peppito

Barbara Shauwecker

Cara Ober working the open bar

Randy Wood's "Hugger"

Brian Chippendale

Kelly Bowman

Sto, Cinders Gallery
Maya Hayuk, (upper left), Sto (Below), Matthew Feyld (3 in the upper right)

Mel Kadel (upper left), Sto (below) Souther Salazar (upper right)

Sto at Cinders Gallery

Jill Gallenstein above, Jen Stark below
Seth Scriver (images on wall) Lisa Neighbour's blades (up front)
Jana Flynn

Michael Caines

Sarah Smith

William Powhida (above and 2 below)
Paul Wackers