Sunday, December 7, 2008

Art Miami @ Art Basel 2008

Art Miami, one of the longest running fairs, included a strange mix of work. Pieces ranged from safe and living room-worthy to slightly edgy, with a separate section for new media and video. The fair is huge, with over a hundred booths, but we spared you the overwhelming experience and only took pictures of the good stuff:

safer pieces by Folkert de Jong

Seth watching a video game by Feng Mengbo, while a lady plays it (below)

Awesome Aaron Johnson painting

Randall Scott at his booth. He is serious.

Small Basquiat drawing

Reed Danziger painting

Grolsh 1&2 of about 700

Cara Ober loves Andy Warhol butterflies and shoes.

Me being a VIP, no big deal

Karen Gunderson's black sea scape, made entirely with black paint. It would totally look awesome over a couch, but not because its boring.

Atypical Nikki S. Lee least I think its a photo

Zoe Charlton, looking tough

Perhaps a little on the stodgy side, Art Miami was still worth a walk-through, and it is certainly interesting to see that facet of the art world.