Monday, December 15, 2008

Scope Fair Miami 2008

One of the larger art fairs, Scope, which is in its 7th year in Miami, had one of the more diverse and exciting collections of exhibitors this season. Looking past the shopping mall set-up (complete with food court and bouncy castle by friendswithyou), Scope generally had a slick, professional feel, due in part to its union with Art Asia.
Scope's crowd-pleasing range featured high-brow works like Cliff Evans' The Road To Mount Weather (Ten Tigers' favorite piece!), while on the less impressive end, screen prints by Mr. Brainwash available for a donation. In between these two extremes, the overwhelming sensibility seemed to reflect a cool, smart humor with little emphasis on decoration, favoring fun over function. Highlights include: the aforementioned Cliff Evans video installations at the Curators' Office booth, a goopy Allison Schulnik painting, a few, awesome Jen Stark pieces, and big, stuffed meat by Tamara Kostianovsky.
Jayoung Yoon at Abba Fine Art's booth
Irvine Contemporary's booth with Melissa Ichiuji figures, Dalek paintings and an Al Farrow piece in the background
Mat Brown
Jackie Ionita at the Hamiltonian booth
fans, birdcages and origami boxes
Gary Baseman
Cliff Evans' video object (above) and still from The Road to Mount Weather (below)
Tim Berg dinosaurs
wolf gum ball machine...
Nina Braun

friendswithyou fun house

Daniel Davidson
Bruce Wilhelm

Derick Melander
Daniel Glaser and Magdalena Kunz
Christine Gray at RARE Gallery
outdoor lounge between Scope and Art Asia
Tamara Kostianovsky's amazing meat sculptures