Thursday, March 12, 2009

Armory Show 2009

This year's Armory show was humongous, occupying two piers, 94 and 92, but altogether a little lack-luster. Pier 94 was dedicated to contemporary art, and had tons of boring stuff to sift through before finding the few worth-while or even amusing pieces. Somehow we managed to miss the Deitch Projects booth, which was a little disappointing, but given the overwhelming size of the fair, its not too surprising. Pier 92 housed the "Modern and historically significant Contemporary Art," but was also sort of drab. Below are highlights from both sections of the fair, please bear with all the Dzamas, I know what I like.
Pier 94:
Gordon Cheung

Brian Calvin's "Can with Landscape"

Lynda Benglis

Tracey Emin

Annie Lapin

A giant telephone

Kara Walker above and below

Billy Sullivan

Armen Eloyan

Giant Alex Katz

Anish Kapoor mirror dome

Tal R

Peter Doig

Daniel Richter

Fabian Marcaccio

Marcel Dzama, above and below

Raymond Pettibon

Alyson Schotz

Thomas Nozkowski

Franz West blobs

Phillip Allen

Meat, with awesome sausage specs at the Leo Koenig booth

Hernan Bas

Baker Overstreet

Many more Dzamas

Pier 92:
Dennis Hollingsworth

light sculpture

George Condo, above and below

Side note: If anyone knows how to get a hold of the movie Condo Painting, please let me know!