Sunday, March 1, 2009

Photos from Fantastical Imaginings @ Maryland Art Place

Lee Wilkinson
Fantastical Imaginings, the current show at Maryland Art Place, is sort of what it would look like if Juxtapoz curated a show at an elementary school. Innocuous images of bunnies, robots, unalarming gore etc. most of which are simpering and/or halfheartedly grotesque are broken up only by some weird, inappropriate sculptures, and the comparatively refreshing Laylah Ali and John Karpinski's illustrations. The show is disappointingly dull for having such a promising title.
Claire Owen

Roberley Bell above and below

Paul Chidester

A.D. Loveday

Mark Hosford above and below

John Shipman above and below

Amy Cutler

John Karpinski above and below

Hiro Sakaguchi

Serena Perrone

Marylin Holsing

Anne Siems I also kind of liked this one.

Laylah Ali above and two below

The show is on view at Maryland Art Place through March 28th.