Thursday, March 12, 2009

Watershed @ School 33 Members' Gallery

Bridget Sullivan: WATERSHED

Members’ Gallery March 12 – April 11, 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 14th | 2-4pm

Artist Statement

My art making process attempts to escape the everyday chatter of my temporal mind and find a way back to my ancestral mind. Overall, the direction of my work is an exploration of the human relationship to the Earth ecosphere.

Increasingly, we as a culture have become separated from our natural environment. Our experience of nature has been reduced to watching film footage of the wilderness on TV, and looking at roadside views as we drive to our next indoor activity. We are entranced by the weather channel, and rely on quasi meteorologists to interpret radar and satellite images of the earth so that we will know if we should take an umbrella with us in the morning. Our relationship with our natural environment is changing, radically changing; skewing our understanding of our place in the natural Order of the Earth and jeopardizing the survival of our fellow Earth inhabitants and ourselves.

My digital art pieces describe issues of fertility, the struggle for continued survival of the Earth and its inhabitants, and the preciousness of resources such as Water for health and survival for all living things.

Fortunately for us Nature is the Great Healer often providing immediate cleansing and cure when the offensive or violent action stops. The cycles of life are given to us so we can know our relationship to creation and as a guide.

It is my hope that we will not forget to notice the cycles of the earth and its inhabitants. Through involvement, personal awareness and sensitivity to the environments in which we live, we will empower ourselves to make more sustainable choices.