Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pulse New York 2009

Allison Schulnik
Pulse New York, arguably the best and most diverse of the 2009 New York fairs, was probably most notable for its Allison Schulnik solo exhibition at the Mark Moore Gallery booth. Also predominantly featured was the rival impasto painter, Kim Dorland. Both artists work thickly with oil paint, but had vastly different styles only months earlier. Schulnik has started adding neon to her formerly muted palette, and exploring the Dorland-territory of landscape. Similarly, Dorland displayed a portrait on a Schulnik-like, black background. An art battle is about to go down (the good old fashioned paint-slinging kind)....or should, because it would be cool to watch. Oddly enough, it would probably take place at Mark Moore, who has a monopoly on impasto painters, and represents them both.

Kim Dorland
Totally awesome Kim Dorland
Dorland, on a Schulnik, black background
Schulnik detail
Schulnik's landscape
More Schulnik above and two below
Other highlights and/or photo-worthy images from Pulse:

Zoe Charlton @ Conner Contemporary above and below

Greg Allen-Muller
Andrew Gunther
Julio Rondo
Taylor Baldwin above and two below

Alina and Jeff Bliumis
Oil painting by Mariano Ching
Gary-Ross Pastrana
Brendan Flanagan
Dietrich Wegner above and below
Something hideous by Kristian Kozul
crazy light-up books by Airan Kang
Painting machine by Simon Ingram
Pepper's Gallery booth
Amir Fallah
Erik Benson, above and below

Daniel Gonzales
Some much-improved Marcel Dzama pieces, above and below
Fahamu Pecou
Teresa Diehl
Luke Painter installation
Philippe Perrin and Pierre Joseph installation
Travis Millard
Mel Kadel above and below

Randal Scott Gallery
this was only cool because it was made out of spools of thread, Devorah Sperber
Bradley Chriss at Curators' Office