Friday, October 1, 2010

DC Trip: Civilian Art Projects, Flashpoint, National Gallery

Awesome Fall shows in DC
Erick Jackson, Nightscaping and Trish Tillman, In Irons @ Civilian Art Projects:

Jayme McLellan under Trish Tillman's sculpture

Trish Tillman

Erick Jackson (my favorite painting in his solo show, Nightscaping)

Fav painting detail

Michael Dotson in front of Erick's painting

Patrick McDonough's Reck Room @ Flashpoint:
McDonough explores art and machismo in his Reck Room installation, complete with a combination pingpong / foosball table, sports posters and paper airplanes.  

Michael and Patrick playing ping pong

google image search rug of "Aaron Curry"

National Gallery:
Look at this cool painting at the National Gallery, by "Jess"............. yep.  Really amazing painting though.  Does anyone know how to find more work by Jess?