Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FORCE: on the Culture of Rape and DARB TV @ Current Space

FORCE: on the Culture of Rape
Exhibition Dates: October 7, 2010-November 14, 2010
Opening Reception: October 7, 7pm-10pm
Closing Reception: November 14 from 6-8pm, with DARB TV’s final performance at 8pm

Current Space, is proud to present FORCE: on the Culture of Rape, curated by Rebecca Nagle and Hannah Brancato.

Participating artists: Rahne Alexander, Matilda Bernstein Sycamore, Gina Carducci, Theresa Columbus, Cecelia Condit, Jessica Delfino, Rebecca Di Meo, Dynasty Handbag, Chris Ferrera, Carrie Fucile, the Firefly Collective, Ulf Kristiansen, Sarah McCann, New Lens, Aaron Oldenburg, Robby Rackleff, Martin Figueroa-Ramirez, Mason Ross, PuppeTyranny, Evelin Stermitz, and Angie Young

“The ordinary response to atrocities is to banish them from consciousness. Certain violations of the social compact are too terrible to utter out loud. This is the meaning of the word: unspeakable.” - Judith Herman

If we are too uncomfortable to talk about rape, how can we ever process sexual violence in a way that lets individuals heal and challenges our culture to progress? 

FORCE: on the Culture of Rape is a collection of art, performance, discussion, and critique about unwanted sexual experience. The show promotes a critical dialogue about how our attitudes towards gender, sex, power and violence are played out on people’s bodies. In bearing witness to the survivors of sexual violence, FORCE creates a safe and healing space. 

If we are going to prevent rape, we need a conversation that goes beyond “Rape is wrong”. We need to place the personal crisis within its cultural context. We need to ask ourselves complicated and difficult questions about what in our society and in ourselves produces sex as violence.

FORCE is happening in conjunction with....

(darb tv is a play about incest.)

Current Space, 421 N. Howard St,  Baltimore, MD 21201
November 12, 13, 14, 2010 @ 8:00pm, $5-$10 donation
Press Preview Nov 2 @ 8pm

birthed by rebecca nagle
raised by natalya brusilovsky, monica mirabile, and sarah tooley.

Saddle up those kiddos and ride ‘em on over, because its time for an educational, magical, mystery-solving TV adventure! What does the note trapped in the magic bottle read? How do you break its spell? Why did Rebecca throw up? How many people in the audience have been raped? With puppets, musical bits, dreams and audience participation, our family will attack these questions and so much more in this hour of dark and disturbing comedy the kids will love. Not only will your little tikes be delighted by bug movies, healthy snacks and commercial breaks, but their brains will grow! Yes, all the fun here in Darb TV land comes with an educational, magical mission. We promise to improve your babies by showing them how to eat bruschetta, douche their vaginas, heal from childhood sexual abuse, and dig a large hole. Grounded in feminist critique and delivered with colorful puppets, Darb TV is a sexy, subversive satire the whole family needs to see.

Note: This play is not good for children.