Saturday, July 19, 2008

Artscape at the Midway

Sara Seidman and me inside David Enoch Mcpherson's mirrored installation, "The Inner Spaceship"

The Midway, located on the Charles Street Bridge, features site-specific , interactive installations by local artists. Set up in carnival-style booths, the Midway is an inviting, fun selection of performance, installation and goal-oriented interactions, which include the photo project, Emily C-D's Imago machine, and a booth bent on making the largest friendship bracelet in the world.
Outer view of "the inner spaceship"

the friendship bracelet station

Ten Tigers ladies, Sara Seidman and Alex Ebstein looking tough in the photo project

Emily C-D, Jessie Unterhalter and Katie, inviting passers by to use the Imago machine

The return of the Hydra

Alex Worthington and her Artisan Shoppe, again, because it rules

Inside the parade of freaks

Imago machine, outside and inner view

Catch these exhibits while they're there, this is a short-lived installation!