Thursday, July 10, 2008

Current Gallery Opening and Satellite Show, Outdoor Lounge

A collection of experimental public furnishings, creating alternative interactions through architectural engagements with the body, located on Mt. Royal Avenue, with additional work at the Current Gallery, curated by Michael Benevento (who totally rules)

Opening @ Current Friday, July 11th 7 - 10pm

Participating artists: Jordan Bernier, John Bohl, Alex Ebstein, Sara Seidman, Steve Santillan + Elie Sollins ~ Susie Brandt + Liz Ensz~ Andy Eklund ~Jaclyn Lewis ~ Jim Gallucci ~ Adrian Lohm├╝ller ~ Adam Montegut ~ Thao Nguyen + Barry Febos ~ Ivan Hernandez Quintela ~ Audrey Lea Collins Petrich ~ Jessie Reid ~ Michelle Rosenberg ~ Jeremy Rountree ~ Hermonie Williams

That's Right.