Sunday, July 13, 2008

Outdoor Lounge Proposal Art @ Current Gallery

Hot babes outside the gallery, Elena Johnston, Jordan Bernier and John Bohl

Current Gallery's new show, the satellite Outdoor Lounge exhibition (set to open on July 17th), features the actualized pieces by artists whose creative proposals shone above the rest. While these sculptures and installations have been work-intensive ventures, the original proposals were so thoughtfully and beautifully compiled that Michael Benevento chose to present them in their own exhibition.

Alternative ideas for Jordan Bernier's Pants Ramp

The show offers some insight into the artists ' interpretations of the theme, variations in their ideas and end results and better understanding of their individual styles.

Jaclyn Lewis' illustrations and "fuck it" garden

Thanks to Monique and Michael for helping me get this shot. Actual photo taken by Monique!

Liz Ensz and Susie Brandt's tree stumps

Elie Sollins of the Pants Ramp Team

Michelle Rosenberg's sign documentation

Owen Brightman in front of the pants ramp illustrations

Adam Montegut's prelinary drawings

Michael Benevento being diplomatic

Caitlin Cunningham in front of Jessie Reid's "Sit, Eat, Chat"

Hermione Williams' "Here"

Audrey Lee Collins Petrich's character study pieces

Adrian Lohmuller's outdoor shower plans

Barry Febos and Thao Ngyuen's anthropologists' map

Ivan Hernandes Quintela's "what am I doing here?"

The show is interesting and fun, and an excellent addition to the Outdoor Lounge exhibition. Be sure to get there, because its totally worth it.