Saturday, July 19, 2008

Photos from the Outdoor Lounge Opening

Curator Michael Benevento and Jordan Bernier sitting in Andy Ecklund's porch scultpure

The Outdoor Lounge, a brilliantly curated selection of sculptures on Mount Royal Avenue, was officially unveiled to the Artscape and Baltimore public on Thursday, July 17th. Each of these sculptures investigates the relationship between art, architecture and public space.

Satanic Sausages at Andy Ecklund's porch bbq

Christine and Robert Tillman love art outside

Liz Ensz and Susie Brandt's tree stumps

John, Seth and Walter talking art in the median

Hermoine Williams' sculpture

Adrian Lohmuller's Outdoor Shower

Jeremy Roundtree's take on an outdoor lounge

John Bohl in front of PANTS RAMP

Thao Nguyen and Barry Febos' urban archaeological collection

Adam Montegut's alternative swing set

Jessie Reid's "SIT, EAT, CHAT"

Ivan Hernandez Quintela's temporary library

Action on the pants