Thursday, July 10, 2008

When Concept Rules Composition; Full Circle Opens at Rosenberg Gallery

John Ruppert's sculpture in front of his "gourd"

Full Circle, an Artscape satellite exhibition, features the work of local, Baltimore artists that investigate and employ the circle in their art. Curated by Laura Amussen (who's done a consistently amazing job with the space), the concise, accessible theme makes for an inviting show. The range of size and material provides appropriate diversity and an interesting division of the gallery's unique space.

Hadieh Marjan Shafie's scroll-filled wall pieces

Amussen ought to be applauded for bringing Artscape to Goucher, creating some much-needed ties with the greater Baltimore community, but also for delivering a show with an uncommon level of professionalism to those who venture north of the city.

John Ruppert's "crucible," front, "pumpkin" right, and Yongumi Song Organ's "Bubbles" to the back left

Renee Rendine's "Lure" made of crocheted fishing line

Paintings by Carol Miller Frost

Mary Earley's untitled sculpture


Hadieh Marjan Shafie

Tim Horjus' "Congraduations!!!"

Hadieh Marjan Shafie

Youngumi Song Organ's "Bubbles" made of hair on paper

Tim Horjus' "Hi From Brandi"

Gallery goers admiring Kate McKinnon's paintings

The exhibition will be up and open to the public through July 31. Make sure to check it out.
For more information, visit the Rosenberg Gallery website.