Friday, January 30, 2009

Bande a part @ the Charles Theatre this week


Saturday, January 31 at Noon.
Monday, February 2 at 7 PM.
Thursday, February 5 at9 PM.

1964. Anna Karina, Sami Frey, Claude Brasseur. In French with English subtitles. 95m. bw.

“A kind of cockeyed caper movie about love and crime fueled by the unmistakable air of fatalistic French romanticism, “Band of Outsiders” begins with a pair of very small-time crooks, the sensitive Franz (Sami Frey) and the cocky, toothpick-chewing Arthur (Claude Brasseur). They drive to the outskirts of Paris in their battered Simca to case a house where they believe a large sum of crime syndicate money is theirs for the taking....

No matter how many bouquets you throw in its direction, however, the truth about “Band of Outsiders” is that words are not up to capturing its elfin charm, not even up to hinting how beautiful Paris looks in Raoul Coutard’s unconsciously romantic photography. Although Godard talked a lot about his theories and his methods, if he had a secret, it was a gift for creating irresistible images. “Band of Outsiders” shows him at his most amusing, and that is no small thing.” (Kenneth Turan, LA Times)