Sunday, January 11, 2009

Two Person Juried Show Opens @ School 33

School 33's juried, two person exhibition, which received hundreds of submissions, features two female, installation artists; in the infinitely wise words of the Spice Girls, "GIRL POWER!" Eun Woo Cho and Liz Ensz divide School 33's main gallery down the middle, into two separate, yet overlapping, socially motivated installation pieces.
Eun Woo Cho's symbol-laden video pieces address tensions that still exist between Korea and Japan over the treatment of Korean women during World War II. She explained that she captures and displays all steps of her process, the past in still photos, the present in video, and future in abstracted sketches.

Liz Ensz works with ornate, decorative patterns inspired by the Spanish Moors, to present subversive, political and social messages. In her new pieces, Ensz creates a dark, meditative space with repetitive patterns of ominous war and religious symbols, and a contrastingly hopeful, white fountain. Perhaps a tad heavy-handed in its color choices, Ensz's labor-intensive pieces carefully conceal their vocabulary in a decorative aesthetic, drawing the viewer into their beauty and then their message.

Liz Ensz in front of her fountain

Walker washing his hands in the fountain

Guest curator, Andrea Pollan leads the artist talk with Liz Ensz

Eun Woo Cho speaks about her work

For more information on the artists and the current exhibition, visit the School 33 website!