Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gen Art Vanguard Art Fair in Miami

AJ Fosik

Gen Art Vanguard, a fledgling fair during 2008's Art Basel, suffered mainly from its lack of space and variety. Opposite Pulse Fair in a narrow warehouse space, Vanguard focused mostly on "urban contemporary" art. While the opening event appeared to be extremely well attended, the fair itself was a little lack-luster, and a quick walk-through.

Ed and Seth love Dalek

Dalek detail

Paul Barnes

Timothy Karpinski

Dan-ah Kim

Mark Murphy of Murphy Design

Andrew Neyer reps Bmore in the 'Know Exhibition"

Doodles' Wise Wolves

Tommii Lim

Gary Taxali


Julian Garner

For its first year, Vanguard was a pretty impressive venture, and hopefully will come back next year with more space and additional exhibitors.