Saturday, January 31, 2009

Laure Drogoul's Follies, Predicaments and Other Conundrums Opens @ MICA

Laure Drogoul's first retrospective, Follies, Predicaments and Other Conundrums opened at MICA's Fox building to an impressive (and impressed) crowd. Giant babies, costumed performers, interactive pieces and collected source material fill the Decker and Meyerhoff galleries. Fliers and recorded performances from Drogoul's 14 Karat Cabaret are included in the exhibition, with an on-site performance on February 13th in the Gateway building and additional events that can be found on the MICA website. As a major figure on the Baltimore art scene, Drogoul's work was remembered as well as seen, with a constant murmur from the familiar crowd as they recalled performances they'd been to (or part of), and appreciated by many for the first time. It was hard to get close to everything through the hundreds of people who tuned out for the event, but the work is on view through March 15th, and worth a few return-trips!

This is the inside of the giant woman