Monday, January 19, 2009

So Many Organs @ Current Gallery Jan 30

January 23 - February 13
Reception January 30, 7-10pm

A group exhibition featuring drawings, paintings, photographs, and mixed media works by Dina Kelberman, Liz Donadio & Ryan Syrell

"If you were to examine a single organ without the rest of the animal for reference (and assuming you had no specialized knowledge) you'd never know what it was for. If you were to examine an organ in the context of other organs and no one promised you they were from the same animal, or even if you had it on good authority that they were definitely NOT from the same animal, it wouldn't prevent you from finding meaning in their arbitrary physical arrangement & aesthetic similarities. You'll never know what they meant for the animals, and the animals will never know what they mean as a silent society of forms. This art show is kind of like that."

Dina Kelberman

Ryan Syrell

Liz Donadio

For more information on the exhibition and the artists, visit the Current Gallery website