Friday, January 23, 2009

Hidenori Ishii and Neil Meyerhoff @ C. Grimaldis Gallery

Neil Meyerhoff's "Children" and Hidenori Ishii's "A Little Earthshine" exhibitions at C. Grimaldis Gallery are begging to be rearranged.  Meyerhoff, whose one-liner photo show takes the main space, would benefit from the limitations of the smaller gallery.  With photo after photo of international youths, one starts looking for the Christian Children's Fund donation box.  Cropping some images in odd, vertical compositions, the show looks like it was stretched to fill the space, and its message is clear after the first few photos: we are the children, we are the future, we are the world, we get it.  Ishii's work, on the other hand, is inviting, colorful and forced into the back of the gallery.  The paintings are stunning, slick and polished, leaving viewers wanting more.  In half the space, most gallery attendees seemed to spend twice the time admiring the 9 works.  Put your best foot forward, more Ishii!  Oh, and we were asked to mention that Meyerhoff's images are copyrighted.      
Hidenori Ishii above and five below

Chris Anderson and Ann Hazels at the opening

copyright Neil Meyerhoff

For more information on the exhibition and artists, visit the C. Grimaldis website