Sunday, November 16, 2008

Agenda Opens @ Current Gallery

Cellphone/ipod installation by Edie Fake
Agenda, the ambitious new show curated by Jamillah James, opened at Current Gallery on Friday. The show includes work by over 30 artists, including Ten Tigers' friends Michael Farley, Xavier Shipani, and Owen Brightman and video pieces by art world oddballs/darlings Ryan Trecartin and Dynasty Handbag.

Owen Brightman's "flag"...I will never be able to look at the letter A the same way.

Artist Mike Farley
The show has a fun house feel-bright, bold and overstimulating, and it rules. There are a million things to look at, interact with and watch, you almost want to do it in two trips. It is nearly impossible to get through all the videos, or at least a serious time investment to do so.
Jeffrey Augustine Songco's dreamcatchers

Looping videos by 12 artists, including Dynasty Handbag, next to Xavier Shipani's flag

Hermonie Williams in front of Jeffery Augustine Songco's "Self Portrait #1: You Look Better Online"

Ryan Trecartin's "A Family Finds Entertainment"

Dylan Mira and Latham Zearfoss's video piece

Lexi watching Latham Zearfoss's video piece

Marty Weishaar admiring Lex Young's photos from a performance piece

Me, reflected in Jeffrey Augustino Songco's "Self Portrait #5: Next Time You Take a Pic"

Mike Benevento

"Pinups" by Christopher Schulz

Xavier Shipani's rad drawings

In addition to the installed pieces, there are 4 supplemental screenings:
11/22, 7 pm PILOT TV, a 2004 Chicago (trans-)feminist experimental media conference
11/23, 7 pm Paris is Burning, the 1987 Jenny Livingstone documentary about drag balls held by African-American and Latino-American men in New York City
11/29, 7 pm Sexy, Wiggy, Desserty (1982-1992), an anthology of works by seminal underground queer video artist Tom Rubnitz
11/30, 7 pm I-BE AREA¬ (2007), the critically acclaimed 100-minute video by artist Ryan Trecartin
Details, above and below, from Michael Farley's "Sex in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction".....Walter Benjamin nod, YES.

Rebecca Nagle's fifteen minute performances
Agenda will be on view through December 5th, check it out. For more information, visit Current's website.