Sunday, November 9, 2008

Destructive Behavior Opens @ The Creative Alliance

Destructive Behavior, an exhibition of new work by Magnolia Laurie and Rene Trevino at the Creative Alliance, presents two very different bodies of work. Laurie's paintings and sculpture, in muted, stark colors, are a somewhat odd mix with Trevino's bold, colorful pieces on mylar. Laurie's sculpture (above), her strongest piece, best captures the apocalyptic/architectural themes in her work. Laurie's paintings fall a little short of expressing the impact of the partial, seemingly destroyed building forms. Many of the flatter, graphic ones are successful on their own, while others read as sketches to the larger work.

Rene Trevino's Aztec calendar symbols seem slick, and smart, but mostly remind me of Legend of the Hidden Temple - not a bad thing, I was an "orange iguana" for Halloween a few years ago.
The repeatitive, historic imagery loses its substance on mylar flags and wall pieces. Trevino turns the image into a decorative symbol, its meaning almost irrelavent (similar to mass-produced Indian tapestries in college dorms), recognizing the fall and recontextulization of an ancienct, grand civilization. A somewhat inevitable destruction/preservation of our own history.

Zoe Charlton and Cara Ober

Emily Slaughter admires the eyepiece
In the Minstallation gallery, Jennifer Strunge's eyepiece peers/pours out at viewers.
Destructive Behavior will be up through December 20, 2008 in the main gallery of the Creative Alliance. For more information on either of these exhibitions, visit the Creative Alliance's website.