Friday, November 7, 2008

HCON2008 @ Current Gallery Saturday Night

HCON2008: The Human Conduct Musical Spectrum
Saturday November 8
at Current Gallery
30 S. Calvert
Event begins promptly at 7pm


The Convocation
The New Flesh
Wax & Wane
The Ruined Frame
Small Sur
Fun Dogs & Hot Guts
Jim Swill
Gene Gregorits
Andy Abelow
-viewing of short film "Mall Crawlers" filmed by N.O. Smith scored by Human Host
-sound installation of terrifying cut-ups by Krista Faist
-local label table feat. MT6, Terra Firma, Firecracker Firecracker, Spleen Coffin, Defective Bat, Isle of Man, Media False Death Fun, Megaphone, Ehse, more
-live remote performances in New Brunswick, NJ from Be Blank Consort (performance poetry group) & the Post Neo-Absurdist Anti-Collective