Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Into The Light / Into The Dark Opens @ School 33

Into The Light/Into The Dark, the current exhibition downstairs (and in the stairwell and small/dark room upstairs) at School 33, is an extensive look at media art, in an old-fashioned way. Having a reminiscent feel of "technology" as the term was used in the seventies and eighties, the gallery is dimly lit with the constant blue and green glow of projected imagery.
Video shorts from the mid-70s to early 90s are paired appropriately with nearly-obsolete artifacts: wall sculptures made from vhs tapes, and collages made from old photos and film stills, presented in a photo-copy format. The overall aesthetic is very UMBC (0ld/new media presented in a clean, professional way), which makes sense, as the artists are all affiliated-although, oddly enough, I discovered this after having made the declaration.

School 33 did an amazingly professional job at meeting the needs of the unique show, building a wall to separate video projections and adhering to the precarious light situations for each piece.
Don't miss Into the Light/Into the Dark, featuring the work of Christian Valiente, John Sturgeon, Phil Davis and Bonnie Crawford Kutola, on view at School 33 through December 13, 2008.