Monday, November 3, 2008

Gary Kachadourian's Life-Sized Prints and Assorted Drawing Projects Opens @ Gormley Gallery

Gary Kachadourian's solo show at the College of Notre Dame is cool, in that nonchalant, not-even-trying sort of way. He indulges in everyone's secret drawing desires: seeing one's notebook sketches of real-life objects at life-size, and a slick repetition of subject matter that has an incredibly pleasing aesthetic.
The life-sized drawings (made humbly of 8.5 x11 photocopies, tape and push pins) are hung in a simultaneously careful and devil-may-care manner, some cut around air vents and sprinklers while others are scrunched to fit into the gallery.

Future projects for Kachadourian should include a life-sized, assembled version of these mini portable toilet plans. As they were, it was hard not to imagine cutting them out and folding them up.
Don't miss Gary's show, up through December 5th, 2008!