Saturday, May 24, 2008

600 Opens @ 2219 St. Paul and Looks Flashy

The Polaroid photograph is an aesthetic that has been recently ingrained in our culture as "cool." Despite its rapid irrelevance, Polaroids provide footnotes to parties, concert, blogs (as seen on gorrilla vs bear, and occasionally Gawker) and suggest their images reflect "hip" sensibilities. There is a certain, inescapable nostalgia that exists with Polaroids, their warm color makes everyone look like they're in the 70s, and creates a relative timelessness that is extremely attractive, both to viewers and subjects.
An exhibition entirely of Polaroids functions as an informal affair. Many taken with a degree of nonchalance, the collected images provide a glimpse into the artists' road trips, parties, and bedrooms. Essentially, "life" is the theme of a Polaroid show, its honestly and accessibility make the exhibition unpretentious, despite one's inclination to express Polaroid-presumption.

Exhibiting artist, Lesser Gonzales

Jake, Ryan, Caitlin enjoying the exhibit, and the wine

Alternative Polaroid Process

Exhibiting artist, Kyle Van Horn is so serious.

Michael Benevento admiring photos

Look, its Bill Murray

Moira Horowitz and Erin Schimtt
Andrew Laumann loves photography

Max Weselcouch, Bonner Sale and exhibiting artist, Ben Turner

Christine and Robert Tillman

Monique looks at photos

This guy was taking Polaroids during the opening

The 600 catalog, available for sale at

Exhibiting artist, Jordan Bernier is rich, in this photo

Are those Polaroids on the stairs?