Sunday, May 11, 2008

ArtOmatic: Photos From The Opening

Alfonso and Farrah in front of their friend Nikolas Schiller's map-work

ArtOmatic, the DC art festival/show/performance venue/all-inclusive-animal opened to the public this past Friday, May 9th, showcasing the work of hundreds of regional artists. Open to anyone willing to pay the entry fee, the work ranged from fabulous to elementary, in every genre from political to glass-blowing. This is a small sample of work from the opening night:

Tigerflight's owls (good name!)

Karen Derrico's neon kitty
Peep Art-Full Metal Jacket
Steve Strawn's robot photos

Bonner Sale admiring more cat art

Tree of hearts
Some of the better photography
Holly Burns' napkin story boards

Nelson Gutierrez's photo of his high-fashion war gear Alex Ebstein's wall of mostly meat

Painting from the 4th floor
There are a lot of good tapes in there...never to be heard again
Gina Tibbott's crazy awesome ceramic pieces

Josh Baptista and Bonner Sale's shared wall

Nelson Gutierrez's photos, drawings and Fendi gas mask
Emily Brown's creepy line drawing
Emily Brown's tree of animals--4th Floor and very friendly!
Even doodles are art at artomatic!

Alexandra Zealand's aromatic coffee filter installation