Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Smart Noise----Stymphalian Birds @ the Rock and Roll Hotel, May 4

Adrian Varallyay

Sitting in the middle of his intricate set-up, which consists of a 5’x3’plywood board of effect pedals and dials, a hanging metal pipe with contact mics, a cymbal, two large amps and a bass guitar, Adrian Varallyay's performance falls somewhere between musical twister and mad science.
Opening for Kayo Dot and Earth at the Rock and Roll Hotel on May 4th, Stymphalian Birds is quickly gaining notoriety in the DC scene as
the newest band to break into the noise-rock genre without destroying it. The set began slowly, with Adrian alternately hunching to work loops and upright hitting the cymbal. He wandered through the maze of dials, pedals and wires without any indication of a resolution, but with absolute confidence of what would come next. Layering the effects and tracks into a surreal, ambient foundation, Varallyay wove effectively between avant guard noise and classically trained bass patterns.
There were no breaks in his 45 minute set, no crescendo to fulfill, only tireless experimentations of noise and music, keeping the audience interested, but leaving little room for interaction--perhaps it's only weakness.
Despite performing as a one man band, The Stymphalian Birds manages to sound like a combination of their Baltimore neighbors, WZT Hearts and Yeveto.
written with help from Bonner Sale