Saturday, May 17, 2008

Archimage Opens @ Gallery 4

Ryan Browning's "Image Guardian"

Filling out their CVs, the graduating class of MICA's Mount Royal School held a show of their work (much of which was seen at MICA's recent MFA exhibitions) at Gallery 4 in the H&H building:

detail from Jimmy Joe Roche's "Oh Death"

Painting by Michael Burmeister

Meghan Harrison's sculpture/installation

Andrea Chung's collages

Lauren Boilini's "All Hands Against His Own"

Ben Steele's "The Garden"

Ryan Browning's "Tiny Guardians"

Painting by Lauren Boilini

Becky Slemmos' "Sophia's Tree II"

Becky Alprin's "City Scape I"

Ryan Browning's tiny painting

Scrapworm's large collage installation