Friday, May 2, 2008

Exploratory Searchery Opens @ An Die Musik

Daniel Stuelpnagel discussing his glacial painting with guests

Local artist Daniel Stuelpnagel unveiled his solo show "Exploratory Searchery," part of the Baltimore Festival Of Maps, yesterday on the first floor of An Die Musik Live. The exhibition of new paintings explores map and travel-based images gleaned from time spent in Spain, Hawaii, the Galapagos, and California.

Many of the paintings include the outline of their inspiring location, which serves as a window into the artists interpretation of the landscape, both physical and cerebral - as well as an immediate, universal signifier. The acrylic surfaces are often so smooth that the images could be interpreted as photo manipulations from afar, but reveal intricate brush and palette knife work upon closer inspection.


As a whole, and in its alternative exhibition space, the show transports its viewers to cafes afar, where the colors are bright, and the atmosphere is incredibly calm.
Kate and artist Bart O'Reilly

Jon Ehrens admires the United States

Sean and Noah

The show will be on display at An Die Musik (409 North Charles) until May 25th.
Hours of Operation:
Monday through Saturday 10am - 9pm
Sunday noon - 5pm
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