Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Murmured Tale

In this adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid by Chloe Tietjen, Rachel Tietjen, Erika Tietjen, and Melanie Paterson, we are transported to an underwater land filled with singing, dancing, and a gold cod piece. There was obviously a great deal of effort and time put into this play because it was phenomenal. It was barely advertised, but the space was filled. The costumes were elegant, ranging from simple body suits to ornate and lustrous mermaid outfits adorned with jewels. This tale is different that the well known and loved Disney version, with a much darker ending. The performers were all very talented and at times it seemed like a ballet. The set was simple with shadow screens and colored lights, yet totally effective in creating a beautiful underwater atmosphere. The use of black light and neon masks was also simply stunning. The jellyfish scene was one of the most gorgeous and memorable in the play. Dark lighting helped create a murky ambiance in which jellyfish danced and undulated as their tentacles flowed. It was spectacular! A perfect combination of sight and sound! Another standout part was the shipwreck scene, where sailors floated in an underwater limbo. The dancers’ movements perfectly captured the sense of being underwater.

At times it was difficult to hear what was being spoken, but it may be because of our seating location. This was overall a very beautiful performance that left you with a feeling of satisfaction and a voyage into imagination.

Written Sara Seidman and Sarah Matson