Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rachel Faller's Blanket Statments

Blanket Statements, a show organized by graduating MICA senior, Rachel Faller, focuses on the community aspects of quilting, both classically and in its modern capacity. The show included work by individual artists, MICA and local organizations, and quilts created through local, public school projects. The opening was an opportunity for these artists of different professional and skill level to come together and interact with one another--historically a key element of the quilt-making tradition.
Faller, a fiber arts major, had been working on the concept for her exhibition for about a year, allowing her time to secure a community service grant through school to help with the promotion and expenses.

In accordance with tradition, every piece has its own story. Each artist or group of artists has, in their own way intentionally investigated, contributed to and commented upon the idea of community through their quilts and sewn pieces.

Circle Nest, created by Marla Parker, is made entirely of different silks, including those collected from shirts and ties.

Crazy quilt, named for the erratic style in which scraps are sewn together, is a quilt that has been passed down through the generations of a friend's family. It was too delicate to hang on a wall.

This quilt, made up of bandannas, displays an extensive comparison between 1970s gay culture bandanna code, and underground railroad quilting codes. You can see the complete code here

The Doll Project is a workshop conducted at Baltimore's domestic violence center, House of Ruth, allowing women and children a creative outlet during their stay.

Answering the gentrification in their area, Burlington Massachusetts high school students compiled their reactions into a quilt in a workshop run by Faller.
Local artist Kerry Adams sewed afghans together to cover her house, and photographed the process. Her piece deals with public and private spaces and the idea of one's place within a community.....thats a lot of afghans.

Sew me the love is a quilt created based on internet interaction/community. The quilt documents one year on Myspace, from which it takes its color scheme. Embroidered onto the white panels are the names and urls of the quilt's friends as they were acquired online.

This oddly shaped blanket is the mascot of the MICA knitting club. It is made up of its members' mistakes and learning-squares.

One of the less functional quilts in the exhibition, this wall-hanging is made up of paper houses from the "A Neighborhood Called Baltimore" project.

A classic over-achiever, Rachel had hoped to make the reception event a fund raiser to benefit the involved organizations. This aspect was not as successful as she'd wanted, but she assured me that the event itself and the experience of having a diverse attendance was well worth all her efforts, and we agree!

For more information on any of the organizations, pieces, contact info etc, email me at the tentigers email!