Friday, April 4, 2008

The Animated Bandwagon Stops in Baltimore

From :Cartune Xprez is a travelling roadshow of animated videos and multimedia performances. So far we have birthed a couple epic tours, many scattered screenings, and one DVD publication with a slew of inspiring artists.

, from OR were the obvious crowd pleaser with their interactive movie/music/3D performance. Yes, thats right, I said 3D. They passed out glasses to the crowd before rocking out to, with and in front of their animated video-selves, and narrating their trippy adventure.

Grace and Jeb looking lovely in 3rd dimension gear

Johnny Rogers of New Jedi Order's performance

New Jedi Order Installation

Lucky Dragons in the middle of some sort of touchy-feely lovefest

Yes, Yes, 3D interactive band/performance art---The Future.

We here at Ten Tigers are fans of the future and, that being said, it comes up a lot in conversation--Shaun Flynn on the subject of the future having arrived: "I love to hear songs like Google me baby, is google a sex verb now?"

Look Hooliganship up on YouTube, these guys are not to be missed