Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Intricate Exhibition

Intricacies of Line, an exhibition of fiber-based art works, presented the work of 6 artists employing delicate materials in bold ways. April Wood's elegant doily-like wall pieces are actually, at a closer glance, made from dried tripe with metal letter stamping. Gina Denton's yarn and felted sculptures, on the other hand, looked entirely organic despite their unnatural palettes.

April Wood's gut doilies and "open wide 1-6"

Gina Denton's yarn and felted sculptures

Liz Jackson's "Madame Mayhem"

April Wood's "savor"

Becca Cohn

Andrew Fansler

Gaby Cardall

Becca Cohn

The work will be up through April 25th on the 5th Floor of the H&H building, 405 West Franklin Street. Contact Munsuene@hotmail.com for an appointment.