Friday, April 4, 2008

Ethnography of No Place @ the Rosenberg Gallery

Mylar Installation by Kazue Taguchi

Laura Amussen took on her role as Rosenberg's curator fearlessly, bringing contemporary, local and relavent artists into Goucher's college campus. Her curatorial presence and keen sensibilities have obviously enriched the environment for both the students and exhibiting artists. Ethnography of No Place, the current exhibition, deals with psychological landscapes and imagined places. Rosenberg is completely transformed, simultaneously united and disjointed with each artists' vision of "no place." The seven participating artists dealt with this theme in a variety of ways, creating imagined spaces out of everything from mylar to maps to doll house furniture. The lack of human presence within these pieces, each of which employ or reference familiar materials, is disarming and isolating. The viewer hopes to find themselves feeling comfortable within another's psychological landscape, creating a unique dichotomy of being invited to look, but not to stay, and definitely not to understand.

Lea Bailis's sculpture in front of Dawn Gavin's map installation and Courtney Jordan's drawings (above)

String mountains by Ali Schmeltz

Imagined Architectural Drawings by Courtney Jordan

Isabel Manalo's abstracted landscape paintings

Detail from Dawn Gavin's map installation

Bridget Sue Lambert's photographs of doll house interiors

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