Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rex Stevens and Sofia Silva @ C. Grimaldis

Photos from the opening (April 2)

Sara Seidman Contemplates a Rex Stevens print

Rex Stevens the chair of MICA's GFA program exhibited his large-scale digital collages along with the quiet, suburban, panoramic photographs of Sofia Silva. Stevens' prints reflect his painter's background, but the digital form adds a visual texture that puts a modern spin on the classic craft. His subject matter ranged from still-life to retroactive, pop-culture iconography which seemed to indicate an emotional disconnect.
Silva's images, although familiar, offered a unique look at the industrial spaces that fill our day. They felt desolate, and strange, despite recognizing where many were taken. She successfully created an alien atmosphere in places through which we all travel daily.

All in all, a gallery success, however Sara Seidman was disappointed with the lack of a trash can. In the gallery, not the work.

With additional reporting input by Bonner Sale and Sara Seidman