Saturday, April 19, 2008

Working Small is In! In NY anyway

According to the NY Times, working small is IN in the New York art scene, which is excellent news for those of us with small studios and budgets.

"Small abstractions avoid the long realist tradition of painting as a window, and also the shorter, late-Modernist one of painting as a flat wall. Instead these smaller works align themselves with less vaunted (and sometimes less masculine) conventions: the printed page, illuminated manuscripts, icons and plaques.

And yet, as each of these four exhibitions demonstrates, abstraction allows a serious exploration of process despite the limited real estate. This expands the already considerable pleasure of looking at paintings that are not much larger than your head."

Not that something like this:

will ever lose its impressiveness or genius status, its just nice to know small work still has a fighting chance.

Read the entire article here.