Saturday, April 26, 2008


California Artists Nancy Selvin and David Furman opened their show of ceramic art at Clayworks' gallery in Mount Washington on the 26th.
The show contains two very different bodies of work that somehow feel appropriate alongside one another.

Artists Nancy and David greet people attending the opening

Ann Hazels, looking lovely

Artist Nancy Selvin discussing one of her pieces

Nancy Selvin's terracotta vessels, with their irregular, almost primitive shapes reference the historical aspects of ceramics and vessel-making.

Chris Anderson mans the front desk

David Furman's dirty ceramics

David Furman's pieces feature jointed artist mannequins (re-created in clay) in a variety of poses from mundane to sexual. I remember reaching the 1st grade and getting to use an articulated mannequin for the first time and thinking, "yes! this is art." Furman's pieces are familiar with their classic forms and intimations of common interactions.

Also, don't miss Ting-Fang, an exchange/resident artist from Taiwan, whose beautiful, colorful bowls, cups and wall pieces are on display in the resident gallery.