Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Impressive Masters: MICA's MFA Thesis Show

Katherine Cirasuolo's The Plucking Trellis

This year's MFA show features a wide range of work displayed in 3 separate groups. The bottom floor seems to favor the gritty, piles of leaves, dark paintings, food, and hamlet...
The third floor is cleaner, divided into design work and installation.
Arguably misplaced, and unfairly hidden are the delicate collaged acrylic pieces by Becky Alprin. These whimsical, elegant pieces were hung along the stairway and wheelchair ramp, flattening thier limited palette against the informal setting.

More images from the show:

Paintings by Becky Slemmons

The Trauma Studies by Beth Blinebury which presented trauma case studies and a "controversial treatment" of flooding victims with imagery of their fears, unfortunately left the viewer wondering which part was the "art."