Saturday, April 26, 2008

Videopolis @ The Metro Gallery

From the Videopolis Myspace: In an effort to further the appreciation and understanding of film in Baltimore and the surrounding areas the Metro Gallery presents VIDEOPOLIS, showing chosen works for free across the street from the Charles Theater during the Maryland Film Festival. To encourage creative interaction amongst as many people as possible the entire process will be without fees. This is not a competitive event. VIDEOPOLIS hopes to juxtapose various forms of film and video, along with other mediums that comment upon or investigate the moving image, together in a relaxed environment for the enjoyment of artists, festival-goers and random passers-by. With people on all sides of the lens exploring where the limits of the moving image may be pushed interesting, new and entertaining results are expected.

BUT WHAT YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE KNOWN: Among the many exciting and worthy video pieces in Videopolis is a piece by Emily Slaughter that features the worst sunburn in the history of time: MINE! Check it out May 2nd - 4th!